Source: How to add more bank accounts

Setup: Bank Accounts

Add More Bank Accounts

Depending on the version of MultiCHAX that you purchased, you may have a limit to the number of bankaccounts you can add to MultiCHAX. 

The minimum amount is 5 bank accounts.

To add bank accounts:

  1. Launch MultiCHAX.exe

  2. Click on SETUP from the main menu

  3. Double click on your default control

  4. Click on Select a Bank

  5. Click Add Bank

  6. Enter a unique 3 digit number when prompted for “Enter Bank Number to Add” (default is 001).

  7. Enter your bank name and address, account name and address information

  8. Enter your transit number (optional) which look like 123-45/6789

  9. Toggle between 6 or 8 check number digits to be printed

  10. Enter your MICR line

    • Use & (shift+7) to create the routing symbol

    • Use / to create the on-us symbol

    • Use - to create the dash symbol

  11. Complete the MICR Line in this format (replace with your actual routing and account numbers)

  12. Browse for a logo file (optional) - max print size limit is 1” x 1“

  13. Browse for a signature file (optional) - max print size limit is 3.5” x 0.75“

  14. Browse for an overlay file (optional) - 8.5” x 11“ letter size image, can be used for multiple signature images or logos, graphics and more

  15. Change the number of signature lines from 1 or 2 (optional)

  16. Trigger a second signature line for a certain dollar amount (optional)

  17. Enter your deposit ticket MICR line (optional)

  18. Enter the number of extra copies (optional) to be printed to plain paper

  19. Enter your bank quick pick name (use a descriptive name for manual bank selection)

  20. Click “OK” to save the bank account

Note: When entering the MICR line numbers, enter only the transit and account numbers. 

Do not enter the check number. 

Your MICR line should be entered like so:

&028000121& 999-123456/