The MultiCHAX system is composed of 2 parts:

  • The executable program (MultiCHAX.exe)
  • The virtual printer (MultiCHAX Virtual Printer)

The executable program, MultiCHAX.exe, is used for the setup of your checks and bank accounts. As you print your checks from your accounting software, check data to MultiCHAX.exe from the print driver to produce your MICR encoded checks.

The MultiCHAX Virtual Printer driver is used for converting the text output of your printed checks from the accounting software, and stores them in a temporary cache under the C:\MultiCHX\Temp\ file directory. Files are saved with the prefix, AAA*. Normally, when the virtual driver starts to receive output, it will automatically start the MultiCHAX program. The information saved is used by MultiCHAX to create a “virtual print image” in computer memory.

The MultiCHAX program uses the information you have set up in the control setting (also known as the check template) to examine this virtual print image, getting the data it needs to print a check by looking for the row (vertical position) and column (horizontal position) coordinates for each check data field.