Both Right Networks and Cloud9 use a third-party printer driver called TSPrint by Terminal Works. Please visit their website at and download the latest client release.

After installing TSPrint Client Options:

  1. Configure your PDF Print Engine as “Open PDF”
  2. Enable Map Settings
  3. Enable Fit to Page

Printer Setup in QuickBooks Enterprise (for Right Networks/Cloud9)

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Click on File / Printer Setup
  3. Select Check / Paycheck
  4. Change the fonts and Address Fonts to Arial Regular 10
  5. Click on OK / Save

Install Miraplacid Text Driver (MCMPVrtDrv.exe)

  1. Open C:\Multichx\
  2. Double click the file MCMPVrtDrv.exe
  3. When prompted, choose an installation path for easy access
  4. Click Install

When printing from QuickBooks, choose the TSPrint Printer, this will generate a PDF output. From the PDF preview, choose to print the page using the Miraplacid Text Driver.

Follow the steps in the USER MANUAL to create and enter grid coordinates.