Before you start printing checks, you need to do a few things to complete a CHAX transaction.

  • Add your company information (Payee)
  • Select a printer
  • Change your check format

Add Your Company Information (Payee)

This is where you can select which payee to use while creating a check, and add the necessary information for this specific payee to be able to use the ACH feature of CHAX. If you would like to use a payee other than the default payee, then select the payee and click on exit. You will now override the default payee for one check only or you can enter Payees that will be available in the future. This might be used if you are creating checks to be paid for services rendered by your subsidiary.

  1. Open CHAX
  2. Click on Payee
  3. Double click on the Payee Name you wish to edit, or select Add New

 4. Enter the check recipient name, address, and telephone number

 5. Click Complete Update/Add

 6. Exit the Payee screen

Things to remember:

  • You may add an unlimited number of Payees
  • Each Payee should have unique information
  • In order to change or select a payee you must have been assigned rights to do so

Select a Printer

  1. Select SETUP from the main menu
  2. Select Printers from the Setup screen
  3. Choose your check printer, source tray, and click OK
  4. Exit the Setup screen

Change Your Check Format

  1. Select SETUP from the main menu
  2. Select Check Style from the Setup Menu (economy - partially pre-printed; safety checks - blank)
  3. Select Signature Message and choose from the predefined signature not requirednotices
  4. Select the Check Layout format: top check, middle check, bottom check (CHAX ALO users only)