This is where you can manage your users, such as: adding or deleting users, enabling security, restricting certain features for specific users.

default username: ADMIN
default password: MASTERADMIN

NOTE: Once you change your password, be sure to write it down and store in a safe place, or you will not be able to access the CHAX system without entering the proper password. When changing the password enter any combination of letters or numbers (no spaces or special characters). You will be requested to type it again. Only if the first typing agrees with the second will the new password be accepted and take effect. You will only be allowed to change those items that you have rights to.

Add New User

  1. Click on Maintain Users
  2. Click on Add New User
  3. Enter a USER ID (username)
  4. Enter the full user name (optional)
  5. Change the password (you may leave blank for no password)
  6. Configure the Permission List
  7. Double click to select a default Payee
  8. Complete Update

Change User Password

To change the admin or another user's password:

  1. Click on Maintain Users
  2. Select the User ID / Username you wish to change
  3. Select Update User
  4. Enter a new password
  5. Re-enter the new password
  6. Complete Update

User Permission List

For each individual user you can assign the rights that would allow them to either participate or not participate in these features:

  • Supervisory: allows the user full access to all privileges in CHAX
  • Select Payers: allows the user to select from all the payers in the database.
  • Maintain Payers: allows the user to edit/delete payers from the database.
  • Run Transaction Reports: allows the user to create transaction reports.
  • Print Batch Checks: allows the user to print batch checks.
  • Purge Transactions: allows the user to purge/delete unwanted transactions.
  • Enter Repetitive Checks: allows the user to create memorized transaction
  • Permit ACH Transactions: allows the user to generate ACH transactions.
  • Permit CHAX Check Entry: allows the user to enter/print a CHAX check.