Beginning January 1, 2017, some banks may require checks created via “check by phone,” “check by fax,” “check by e-mail” etc, to have a new code digit printed on the MICR line. CHAX, Inc. has released a new version, CHAX 9.0, which prints this new code. We recommend that you update to CHAX 9.0, as soon as possible.

The ASC banking standard defines a new usage for the External Processing Code (EPC). A setting of the number 6 for position 43, as a MICR line character, will now be used to specifically identify a check as a Remotely Created Check (RCC).

What is the ASC?

The Accredited Standards Committee is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited standards developing organization, responsible for the development of financial services standards in the U.S.

How does the new standard affect me?

The new standard states that each check that is created via “check by phone,” “check by fax,” “check by e-mail” will be required to have the checks print the special character 6 prepend the routing symbols.

Checks without the special character may be rejected by the bank.

CHAX version 9.0

CHAX version 9.0 has been created to comply with the new ASC standard. If your banks require the new EPC standard for deposit, you will need to purchase an upgrade to version 9.0 in order to comply with the latest standard.

Failure to comply with the ASC standard may result in your draft checks (or RCC) being declined for deposit.